1.     The purpose of the Michigan Association of County Administrative Officers is to strengthen the quality of county government through professional management.  To further these objectives, certain ethical principles shall govern the conduct of every active member (as defined by the MACAO Constitution) of the Michigan Association of County Administrative Officers, who shall:

2.     Be dedicated to the concepts of effective and democratic local government and believe that professional general management is essential to the achievement of this objective.

3.     Affirm the dignity and worth of the services rendered by government and maintain a constructive, objective, creative, and practical attitude toward county affairs and a deep sense of social responsibility as a trusted public servant.

4.     Be dedicated to the highest ideals of honor and integrity in all public and personal relationships.

5.     Recognize that the chief function of local government is to service the best interests of all citizens.

6.     Secure the data and perform necessary analysis to provide elected officials and other appropriate decision makers with objective, reliable data to which they can respond.  Additionally, where appropriate, to identify alternative courses of action and the relative consequences associated with the alternative.

7.     Recognize the difference between the nature and extent of the responsibilities of elected officials and county administrators.

8.     Refrain from participation in the election of members of his or her employing legislative body, and from any partisan political activities which would impair performance as a professional administrator.

9.     Maintain that the conduct of county business on sound management principles is the chief obligation placed upon the county administrator.  Continually improve his or her conscience and develop the competence of his or her associates in the use of scientific and professional management techniques.

10.  Keep the community informed on county affairs; encourage communication between the citizens and all county officers; emphasize friendly and courteous service to the public; and seek to improve the quality and image of the public service.  Be committed to the concept of quality public administration and endeavor to publicly promote the image of professionalism in government.

11.  Resist any encroachment on responsibilities, believing he/she should be free to carry out official policies without interference, and handle each problem without discrimination on the basis of principles and justice.

12.  Handle all matters of personnel on the basis of merit so that fairness and impartiality govern his or her decisions pertaining to appointments, pay adjustments, promotions and discipline.

13.  Seek no favor; believe that personal aggrandizement or profit secured by confidential information or by misuses of public time is dishonest.